October 8, 2014

Broadway Butcher Shop Named 2014 "Best Sign in Kansas City" by The Pitch.

When the Broadway Butcher Shop opened in late 2012, its selection was enticing. High-quality cuts of beef, pork, lamb, poultry and seasonal rare game filled the cases in the spacious store. However, one aspect wasn’t so enticing: the cheap signage that filled the storefront windows. The old-fashioned cursive lettering made the Broadway Butcher Shop seem ancient, and while vintage signs may work well for a number of dive bars down the street, they don’t hold the same appeal for anyone wishing to purchase an elk rib-eye. You barely noticed the shop if you were driving past it to Westport, and if you did, you weren’t particularly inspired to stop in. Fast-forward to July, and Broadway Butcher Shop has made a few additions with an alluring array of exceptional seafood, house-cured meats, fine cheeses and dry goods. There’s also a new storefront with a classy logo, compliments of KC ad agency DMH. The new Broadway Butcher Shop sign — emblazoned across the windows in butcher-red letters and featuring a rustic, masculine steer’s head — doesn’t just grab your attention. It compels you to go inside and get to know your local butcher.

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