The Challenge

Most others, seeing the condition of the dilapidated and vacated property that was once home to the Folger’s Coffee Company, would have passed on its redevelopment. But Pat O’Reilly had a vision of creating an entirely new, vibrant, urban lifestyle.

The One Thing

In the early stages of brand development, ideas and concepts gain focus from a core advantage – something we call The One Thing. For Roaster’s Block, it led to the marketing campaign theme: “Live Where Life Happens.”

Origination of Project Name

The name, Roaster’s Block, was conceived by DMH and chosen by O’Reilly as a nod to the heritage and legacy of Folger’s Coffee. Two buildings maintained their historical names, Swofford and The Boss, while a new open-air, outdoor community space was named StreetSide.

Logo and Branding

Guiding and influencing logo design, custom font, and look-and-feel considerations involved extensive research – historical archives, market studies, competitive research, and more.

Dynamics of Team Collaboration

To be successful, a multi-building historical restoration/redevelopment demands a highly coordinated effort between all team members – developer, architect, interior designer, marketing team, and agency creative designers.

Unique Positioning Statement

For free thinking young professionals and freedom-seeking empty nesters, Roaster’s Block is the only downtown neighborhood to provide a sense of history while living a genuine urban lifestyle in the heart of the city – accessible to all the amenities, energy, and conveniences it embodies.

Essential Elements of Branding

A large-scale project of this kind encompasses many comprehensive aspects and design applications. These included: logo design, custom type font design, brand identity & stationery, temporary site signage, interior & exterior graphics, printed sales collateral, and website design/development.

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