September 20, 2021

Project Manager

Project Managers handle the day-to-day operations of DMH projects, including scope of work resource estimates, developing project timelines, resource planning, tracking project status and budget reporting. They are responsible for base-level client contact, management of status reports, organizing information shared by and with the internal teams, and ensuring DMH procedures are followed.

Project Managers serve as DMH implementers for achieving the client’s strategic brand and business objectives by working the internal team to achieve execution of approved processes. They serve a vital role in promoting the integration of cross-functional teams and ensuring seamless delivery of all work for the client.

Project Managers are expected to have a full understanding and core working knowledge of all internal work and creative processes, effective internal and external communication, commitment to quality, ability to self-manage relative to task completion, organization skills, file management, timesheet compliance and understand the team management approach used by the DMH.

Project Managers are expected to exhibit a proficient level of knowledge of client relationship, DMH stewardship, financial management, job specific process and production, and information gathering requirements while demonstrating a capacity for performing work with limited supervision and a commitment to learning all they can as they progress in their career with us.


Own the budget and delivery of projects start to finish, working with internal DMH teams.

Core Expectations of all DMHers:

  • Creative thinking
  • Excellent Communication (Internal and External)
  • Know the numbers
  • Demand a high quality of work
  • Self-management (task completion, organization skills, file management, timesheets, etc.)
  • Collaborate and be a team player

A Project Manager is expected to:

  • Be a good steward of DMH resources
  • Understand job-specific process and production
  • Gather information based on project requirements
  • Manage your work without supervision
  • Be responsive and professional
  • Show a willingness to step in and help others

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

DMH Stewardship

  • Help to manage the balance of demanding client requests and overall DMH priorities
  • Consistently bring ideas to the table and ask good questions
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain grace under pressure
  • Understand problem solving and involving a supervisor immediately if/when problems arise

Job Specific Process

  • Develop timelines and resource plans, including project estimates
  • Demonstrate ability to lead the initiation of projects with the internal teams
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of all DMH processes and can independently manage them
  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of different tactical executions and their unique project requirements
  • Ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget
  • Ensure DMHers assigned to projects have information they need, are working on assigned tasks and complying with timeline and project milestones
  • Communicate frequently with account and creative leads concerning project status

Financial Management

  • Monitor project budgets and deadlines
  • Understands compensation agreement between client and DMH Managing work without Supervision
  • Strong ability to clearly and frequently communicate to team and supervisor without reminders
  • Works as an effective team member, helping others and contributing to our success

Supervisory Responsibilities

This position has no supervisory responsibilities. This position reports to the Project Management Director.

Placement Criteria

Minimum of a four year degree in a related discipline and have 1 - 3 years agency experience. Project Managers are expected to possess and exhibit good time management and project management skills. They are expected to maintain an air of professionalism in their interpersonal relationships, exercise confidentiality concerning the affairs of the business of those of clients, exhibit a willingness to problem-solve and a willingness to step in to help others.

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